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SPECIAL VALUE SERVICE OFFER from The Script Archeologist™

Get a FREE 1st Page Analysis of your script today!

The first page of your script is one of the most important pages you'll ever write. From that first page -- even that first line -- the reader knows if they're reading a professional script or an amateur one. From that first page, many of the chronic problems of the script will be evident and can be analyzed.

Master that first page, and you are on your way to creating a masterful script.

That's why we, at The Script Archeologist™ are offering you a FREE 1st Page Analysis of your script. But only for a limited time...


The Script Archeologist™ is offering, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, a SPECIAL OFFER to you.

Have you taken your story as far as you can take it, yet it still doesn't feel strong enough? Looking to get some risk-free professional feedback...

Have you been considering having a Script Consultant help you with your script but just not confident you'll get fair market value for your money?

Like everyone else, you want the best value
for your money, with the least amount of RISK!

What's LOW enough to be WORTH THE RISK? Here at The Script Archeologist™ we understand how hard it is to choose a script consultant -- or any service for that matter -- when you don't know what you're going to get. So we've created an option that completely eliminates all the risk. Just try our risk-free ONE PAGE ANALYSIS...

Sounds like it's too good to be true? Could we really provide our services risk free, yet remain in business? We CAN and We DO provide this RISK-FREE service to our clients.


We OFFER a Risk-FREE 1st PAGE ANALYSIS Service to you. Submit your script, purchasing any of our full services. We'll take your 1st Page and analyze it for you using all the techniques featured in our full analysis services. Ensure that you send a SASE along with your submissions if you want the copy returned.

If not absolutely satisfied with the analysis of your first page, we'll refund you your money†. A complete confidence in the quality of our work allows us to feature this VALUE FILLED SERVICE.


Disclaimer: The 1ST Page Risk-Free & Affordable 1ST 10 Page OFFERS are not available on either The Script Archeologist DRAMATIC-VALUE CHANGE™ SCRIPT ANALYSIS or STORY EXCAVATION RESEARCH services.


In addition to this exceptional RISK-FREE Offer, we extend to you our AFFORDABLE 1st 10 PAGE ANALYSIS of YOUR SCRIPT, WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.






Why is the first page of your script so important?

'You never get another chance at a first impression', and that 1st impression occurs within the very first page. For some readers in the 1st few lines. For an agent or development executive to like your script, if you don't grab them in the first page ... you've lost them for good!

The problem with most new writers is they do not know the rules of screenwriting or comprehend the sheer volume of screenplays development executives have thrust in front of them on a daily basis. An executive (more likely a studio reader) coming across a script that is poorly written and incorrectly formatted, as a great deal of first time scripts are, may not even reach the end of the first scene. Unwittingly the writer has become his or her own worst career enemy.


Why do you need The Script Archeologist™ to be your script consultant?

Best friends, family member and your neighbors are great for bouncing off personal issues but not when it comes to something as personal as your script. They simply do not have the right combination of hands-on experience and training with screenwriting you are going to need. The advice and wealth of experience of an unbiased expert truly gives you the best (and only) chance to succeed in your Quest for The Golden Script™.

Getting your screenplay read by an industry insider is hard enough, so give yourself the best chance possible and be prepared! Get Read by The Script Archeologist today!


For more information on all our services, be sure to view our services on the various pages in our site. For consultations contact us. The Script Archeologist team looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions and to provide you with the highest quality services.

A complete listing of all our Services and their associated Fees. The consulting fees paid by credit card via PAYPAL or MONEY ORDER (pre-received & received bank clearance). UNCOVER MORE!



Discover What's Buried Beneath Your Script's Story ...

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