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We have collected many of the Frequently Asked Questions that you as a writer and potential client of ours will find useful. Please follow the links below to answer your QUESTIONS:




Is The Script Archeologist a SCRIPT CLEARANCE COMPANY and do you provide SCRIPT CLEARANCE services?

What is SCRIPT CLEARANCE and what benefits do SCRIPT CLEARANCES provide?




COVERAGE & STORY NOTES [link to Services]

What is The Script Archeologist's Coverage service?

What is a Coverage Report?

Click here for a sample coverage.

What are The Script Archeologist Analysis?

Which elements of my screenplay will Analysis cover?


DRAMATIC-VALUE CHANGE SCRIPT ANALYSIS [link to Value Change Script Service]

What is your Dramatic-Value Change Script Analysis USP?


SCRIPT ARCHEOLOGY USP [link to Script Archeology Service]

What is your Script Research USP and what does it provide to its users?


ARCHEOLOGIST'S DIG [link to Archeologist's Dig]

The Archeologist's Dig, what is it and how can it be of value to me?




HOW TO [link to Submissions]

How do I purchase your services?

How will I receive my analysis? Email or mail?

What format do you accept scripts in when submitting electronically?
You may submit your script in the following formats: text, pdf, doc, fdr (final draft), rtf. They should be properly formatted.

When I send the money, the script and the application form separately how do I know, that my script has been received?
We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we have received each.

Will I receive a discount on future submissions?
Yes, The Script Archeologist does offer a
10% discount on resubmissions of a script that you have received our service on.
Click here to learn more.

Should any other material accompany my script?
Miscellaneous items (ie, artwork, tapes, CDs, etc.) that are sometimes included to "accompany" the reader while reading the script are never looked at or listened to. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING AN ANALYSIS: Send only the script or manuscript. Save your money for more copies. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING OUR OTHER SERVICES: When purchasing one of our premiere USP services, as part of our consultation we will discuss what materials are needed to accompany your script. Prior to sending any materials be sure to confirm with us what is needed and what will be accepted.

Do you accept re-submissions?

I am not of legal age. Can I still send you my screenplay for analysis?
If you are not of legal age, we first require a signed document by a parent or a guardian who is of legal age, granting us permission to collect fees and to provide an analysis or any other service we offer.

Do you accept international submissions?
Yes, as long as they are written in English. All our fees are in
US dollars.

If I send a hardcopy of my script, will I get it back?
We will return it only if you enclose a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) with your submission. If you choose to do so, please ensure that you have included the correct postage. edit


TURNAROUND TIMES [link to Turnaround Times]

How long do I have to wait for my consulting?
Depending on the volume of submissions during a given time, it should take between 2 to 3 weeks. Our goal is aim to get it back to you as fast as possible.

What if I don't agree with my coverage?

What if I disagree with your analysis? Do you offer refunds?
We are here to offer constructive criticism and not to discredit your writing ability. Our notes reflect an objective and fair analysis without bias of any kind. We do not offer refunds though if you choose to cancel your order, you may do so within 12 hours.


PAYMENT OPTIONS [link to Submissions]

Can I pay by Credit Card and submit electronically?
Yes, simply click the buy button next to the product you are interested in and select the payment option you would like. PayPal offers the option of credit card payment or PayPal account payment.



If I get a Consider or Recommend, will you sell my script?
It's important to understand that The Script Archeologist is NOT a literary agency - so we don't negotiate sales or options.

Does The Script Archeologist commission a sale or option?
The Script Archeologist does not commission sales or options that originate through our service. The level of our success is directly proportionate to the success of you, the writer.

Does The Script help the writer sell his/her screenplay?
The Script is neither a literary agency nor a marketing company, so we do not help writers sell their material. We do have working relationships with a few producers and industry professionals.

Does The Script help the writer find an agent?
No. For a list of agents who accept material from new writers go to

How can I get my screenplay into the marketplace without having an agent?
Web sites exist that assist writers in getting their works reviewed by potential buyers. Visit our Links Page for several of them. Another option is to enter screenplay competitions that offer, as part of the winning prize, introduction to agents or producers. is one notable site. We list several screenplay competitions on our Industry News page.



Can I phone you if I have questions about the services The Script Archeologist offers?



QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN SCRIPT [link to The Quest for the Golden Script]

What is the QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN SCRIPT and how can it help me be a better writer?


REPAIR & GHOSTWRITING [link to Consulting]

If I have a story idea that I think would make a good film but am not a screenwriter and don't wish to write the screenplay myself, can I send it to you?

Do you edit screenplays?
The services we offer are screenplay, TV script and treatment analysis, adaptation, ghostwriting and/or rewriting and consultation. We also provide the service of REPAIR, which includes formatting and typesetting.

Do you offer a screenplay formatting service?

You can visit our CONSULTING SERVICES page for information on having us format your story for you. Our services are very detailed and well priced.

I like the graphics seen on The Script Archeologist site. Do you sell products with them on it? Check them out

Do you have a Mailing List and how do I sign up?

Does The Script Archeologist answer questions about how to write screenplays, proper formatting, how to sell a screenplay, how to find an agent, etc?


THE SCRIPT DIG NEWSLETTER [link to newsletter]

The Script Dig Letter newsletter?

Can I advertise on The Script Dig Letter newsletter?
If you wish to market your service through our newsletter
THE SCRIPT DIG LETTER, we'll be excited to work with you to promote your web site, contest, service or industry related product. Contact us at


FORUM [link to forum]

The Script Dig Forum?



Do you accept adaptations?
As long as you have the appropriate rights/permissions from the original author, we welcome adapted material. We do require proof of these rights before providing any of our services on the material.

Do you accept video game story scripts?
YES. We do accept video scripts. By the nature of these types of scripts, they are extremely long and contain extensive dialogue. As such, fees for working with these projects will need to be discussed. Contact us for a quote and check out our
Consulting Services for fees and submission requirements.

Do you accept story scripts for Comic Books, Manuscripts & Plays?
YES. We do accept scripts for all these medium. By the nature of these types of scripts, they vary in length, detail and standards for submission. As such, fees for working with these projects will need to be discussed. Contact us for a quote and check out our Consulting Services for fees and submission requirements.

What if I want to write a screenplay adapting it from an already published book, short story or novella?

What if I want to write a sequel to a movie that has already been produced?
The basic premise and characters are the property of the studio/production company that made the film. You first have to get the rights to the property before being able to market your sequel. As long as you have the appropriate rights/permissions from the original author, we welcome this type of material. We do require proof of these rights before providing any of our services on the material.

Do you analyze “shorts”, partial or unfinished screenplays or TV scripts?
We do not analyze “shorts”. We analyze only completed screenplays or TV scripts. For information on how to send us your completed screenplay or TV script please visit our Submissions Page. For information on the various turnaround times and corresponding rates please visit our Consulting Services page.




How long should a story be?
Typically no longer than 125 pages. Added fees are charged for more than 120 pages. For novels, games and comic books the length will vary.

What type of format should my script or manuscript be in?



How am I protected from anyone stealing my idea?



What kind of material is Hollywood looking for right now?
Many times writers get caught up on the buying trends of Hollywood. In reality, it doesn't matter. If your script or manuscript is genuinely good, it will get noticed. Buyers are looking to fill up their entire development slate, resulting in a need for a wide variety of genres and writers all of the time.

What screenplay or TV script contests are the best to enter?
The Script Archeologist does not recommend any one contest. For a list of contests visit our Industry News page.

I would like to become a reader/analyst. How do I go about doing that?
The book entitled: "I COULD HAVE WRITTEN A BETTER MOVIE THAN THAT, How to Make Six figures as a Script Consultant Even if You're Not a Screenwriter", by Derek Rydall will answer your questions on how to become a reader/analyst. It is the premiere work on the subject of becoming a Script Consultant. It can be purchased on



OUR AFFILIATES & ASSOCIATES [link to Our Affiliate page] - [link to Our Associates page]

How can I become an Affiliate of The Script Archeologist?
It is easy to become an Affiliate of ours. Email us your web site url. Include a short description of why you want to be an affiliate and what service you will link to on our site. Also detail the mutual benefit to yourself and The Script Archeologist by your becoming an affiliate. Once we have reviewed your information we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

How can I become an Associate of The Script Archeologist?
It is easy to become an Associate of ours. Check out our MARKETING & PROMOTIONS page to view our Online Ads packages. Email us the url to your website. Include details as to how your business and The Script can mutually benefit from being associates and why you want to market your products and services with us.

Once we have reviewed your information we will contact you within 2-3 business days.



What kinds of items can I purchase?
We will be offering many items that you can buy. They will include exclusive and unique graphics made by our Associate Progeny Designs. They created all of our cool graphics that will be displayed on SWAG. These items include apparel, hats & bags, prints & stationary, as well as home and office items (mugs, decorative accessories etc). We will also be creating a unique line of screenwriting tools for assisting you in your script writing.


For more information on all our services, be sure to view our services on the various pages in our site. For consultations contact us. The Script Archeologist team looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions and to provide you with the highest quality services.

A complete listing of all our Services and their associated Fees. The consulting fees paid by credit card via PAYPAL or MONEY ORDER (pre-received & received bank clearance). UNCOVER MORE!



Discover What's Buried Beneath Your Script's Story ...

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